Your customers are on the hunt to find the BEST Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as soon the last bite of the Thanksgiving turkey has been finished. With this in mind, you must have a solid game plan well before the turkey is on the table.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most anticipated shopping days —outperforming every other day. Because of this, it's important to build anticipation and let shoppers know what to expect to pique their interest.

To take advantage of these anticipated holiday sales we've put together a guide to help you:

  • Analyze last year's performance with a simple set of questions that will help you accurately assess performance to then optimize this year's plan and make it the best year yet.
  • Segment your customers to ensure that you build personalized campaigns that resonate with each subset.
  • Create a holiday campaign schedule to ensure that you reach your customers with relevant messaging and on the right channels.
  • Build your holiday branding with ideas and examples to inspire you and your team.
  • Implement strategies to help you stand out.

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