For retailers, it's the biggest season of the year, and the time when the majority of profits are generated. This year Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants sold over $900M on Black Friday alone, crushing the previous year of $570M. Shopify processed over $1.5M in sales per minute and over 15K orders per minute, which was on full display via their live feed that showed real-time sales.

End-of-year momentum is critical for e-commerce businesses, so if you haven't already, it's time to think about how you'll further maximize on generated Black Friday sales. If you already planned for and launched some holiday initiatives before the first trick-or-treaters arrived, you're in great shape; use the following steps to keep the momentum going and finish strong.

Look Beyond Black Friday

For many sellers, this "holiday" is now the biggest, most anticipated day of the year. The killer sales figures that can be achieved on Black Friday Cyber should not be overlooked, but you need to have definite goals and plans for the weeks that follow. Once Black Friday passes, some brands take a break from preparation and marketing — but this is the very time your brand should be going strong.

Avoid using Black Friday as a stopping point by planning for events past that date. For example, if you don't already participate in Cyber Monday, then consider adding it to your lineup for online sales and revenues. End-of-year promotions, specific holiday deals, and even In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) e-mail follow-ups can ensure your hard-won momentum continues.

Building an audience for an ICYMI is easy with DataQ.

Here's how you can build and sync the perfect audience for your ICYMI e-mail using our Advanced Segmentation and pre-built segments.

1) Build a 2018 Black Friday Purchasers Segment using the segment map below.

2) Use our inclusions and exclusions under Activations to target last year's Black Friday Shoppers who didn't purchase this year using the audience creation sandwich below.

Syncing this audience to your e-mail platform will ensure that your ICYMI e-mail only goes to customers that purchased during Black Friday last year but did not purchase this year as it will exclude your recent purchasers.

Get Help

Big box and national retailers hire extra employees each holiday season, and you should consider it too. You may not need an extra hand at the register, but customer service, order fulfillment, and other logistical support can help keep things flowing and prevent you from falling behind. On the other side of the business, some extra help can keep your marketing machine moving, ensuring you are connecting with your followers on social media and in other locations that will resonate with your target prospects. Keep up the active engagement you started with, with some extra hands.

Some extra assistance prevents the most critical members of your team from getting burned out during the holiday season.

Consider outsourcing some tasks or getting assistance to boost your sales and revenues without increasing your hours. Even something as simple as an extra intern or part-time help to take on basic office tasks can free up essential players and allow them to continue to drive holiday sales and figures without running out of steam.

Use Customer Data

Taboola recently analyzed 980 data campaigns where organizations from various industries spent at least 5% of their budget on data campaigns and found that data campaigns outperformed non-data campaigns. DataQ makes it easy for you to run campaigns with your customer data.

With our holiday smart segments, you can quickly segment your customers and sync those segments to your marketing channels. And what better customer subset to target than your recent 2019 BFCM customers.

Learn how you can target 2019 BFCM Customers with this video.

The following 30-days after a sale are critical to obtaining additional sales making post-sale campaigns necessary. Consider targeting this group of current holiday shoppers with a "thank you" or "welcome back" campaign and offer that is just for them, time it right in the early part of December.

Here are a few channels that we recommend:

E-mail is an effective way to reach out to customers who have already purchased from you (provided you have their permission) and can result in an immediate boost in holiday sales, driving momentum forward.

With Facebook Custom Audiences, you can reach customers you already know to thank them for their purchase with a follow-up offer. By syncing your 2019 BFCM segment, you can deliver your ads to customers in this subset if they're on Facebook.

Participate in Events

This is natural for brick-and-mortar locations, and surprisingly easy for online shops as well. Research critical events in your community or industry that take place or celebrate the holiday season, and make sure you have a presence. Open houses, community events, and other targeted dates can bring in extra customers (who become additional buyers). Your local Chamber of Commerce or town website likely has a list of upcoming December events and make sense to participate in. Online, consider targeting industry events or those that reach specific markets to make sure your presence is noted and that you remain visible during the season.

Take a Clue From Santa: Generate Sales With Wishlists

He traditionally arrives in the Thanksgiving Day parade, but Santa can help boost your sales long after the turkey has been finished. Offer your customers holiday wish lists so they can easily create their own lists or shop for others. Stores or brands with niche items (craft and hobby supplies, toys, etc.) can benefit from offering and keeping gift registries. It is easy to shop for someone when you can see what they want and purchase it instantly. Encourage customers to complete and share wishlists and make them very easy to buy from, either in person or online, and your sales will continue to grow throughout the season.

Stay Strong All Holiday Season

Incorporate a few of these proven revenue builders into your holiday plans to start the season well and gain momentum and finish strong, too. Need help determining your best course of action? Get in touch today and sign up for a Free 14-day trial— we can help you target this season and make the most of the critical sales days ahead.