DataQ was recently featured on e-Commerce Fastlane, Episode 67: Marketer's Dream, where our founder and head of strategy, Andreas Roell, was interviewed by Steve Hutt, an entrepreneur who's dedicated to helping fellow Shopify entrepreneurs learn, share, and thrive online.

In this episode, Andreas and Steve discussed the many ways DataQ is making marketer's lives easier with features that make their first-party Shopify data available for use in paid media campaigns. They discussed several topics, including DataQ's journey and how Andreas harnessed the team's 20+ years' experience in the paid media space to chart a new path forward in paid media.

DataQ's innovative approach focused on increasing lifetime value and enhancing customer relationships, in addition to  acquiring high-value customers, thereby opening the door for us to develop and market this new paid media strategy.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this insightful conversation.

DataQ is for e-Commerce marketers of all levels.

Whether you're a one-person show running all aspects of your store, or a paid media specialist managing multiple accounts, you'll benefit from working with DataQ.

DataQ provides e-Commerce marketers with needle-moving e-Commerce essentials to help you start — or optimize your existing — paid media strategies.  DataQ's goal is to provide you with tools and actionable information for quick and easy implementation. Our suite of tools includes tried-and-true segment templates, drag-and-drop audience building features, and best-in-practice metrics. After signing up with DataQ, you will find it easy to integrate our software with your tech stack with one-click integrations, in-app tours, helpful articles, and how-to videos.

DataQ gives you the ability to attract high-value customers.

Attracting high-lifetime value customers is a singular focus for all e-Commerce merchants, and with DataQ, you can make that dream a reality as our platform identifies high-lifetime value customers and allows you to target them via Facebook lookalike campaigns and Google Ads Similar lists.

How does DataQ do that? When you connect your online store, DataQ ingests all your historical data, including transactions. It then unifies and organizes your data by providing  customer insights and segment recommendations.

Once you get access to your intelligence dashboards, you'll quickly identify the segments with  the highest customer lifetime value, and then you'll  build prospecting campaigns that attracts those customers and others like them.  

And with DataQ's activation features, you can sync these newly discovered high-value segments to your top marketing channels, so you never again waste marketing dollars to pursue the wrong customers.

DataQ enables you to quickly activate audiences  to:

  • Create up-sell campaigns to increase average order value.
  • Remarket to one-time purchasers within 90 days of their purchase to get them to buy again.
  • Keep all DataQ audiences updated in each of your marketing channels.

Why DataQ is different.

DataQ's simplicity and accessibility make it unique and worthwhile. From its inception, DataQ was built to reveal your data story and simutalenously provide you with actionable insights. Just as important, DataQ purposefully designed its metrics, visualizations, and automated intelligence in order to  help you identify the key behaviors and KPIs that matter most.

DataQ, choosing quality over quantity,  deliberately built an easy-to-use tool that will help you obtain a deeper understanding of your data.

To listen to the full podcast and take advantage of this special offer, a 30-day Free trial, click the links below.