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At DataQ, we believe there is a better way to use your data. An intelligent, streamlined method for harnessing the power of first-party data to segment customer lists and generate actionable insights that will help increase your bottom line. Built by a team of industry veterans with extensive media expertise, DataQ not only unifies and organizes your data into an easy-to-understand format but provides real-time strategic recommendations uniquely tailored to your needs. With our powerful dashboard and one-click features, we empower marketers of all experience levels to maximize their return on investment and inject their business with meaningful, data-driven growth.

At DataQ

We are a team of digital marketing veterans who have witnessed the cycles and innovations of the industry since 2000. We understand that data has a complicated and challenging relationship with marketing. We grew tired of workarounds and overpriced software that was only available to the upper echelons of businesses, and we set our mind on creating a solution.

DataQ started with one goal in mind: empower marketers to quickly and effectively use customer data to maximize marketing efforts and build long-term customer relationships. First-party data grows more powerful by the day, allowing brands to target the right audiences at the right time, and with precisely the right ads. But harnessing that power can be an expensive and time-intensive process. With DataQ, we wanted to offer companies a powerful, cost-effective solution that seamlessly transforms customer data into better customer relationships and marketing success. No hassle. Just real-world results.

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DataQ is designed as a media-focused marketing solution for retailers. It's equipped with end-to-end tools to help you execute meaningful campaigns for all audiences. However, we're not just here to tell you that DataQ is different, we're also here to show you. From its inception, DataQ was developed with a different perspective in mind: it was built for you - the everyday marketer. We set out to bring you data accessibility, data activation, and intelligent dashboards to fuel your marketing strategies. Moreover, we intend to bring you value as quickly as possible without those dreaded demos and free trials that require credit cards. Get started with us today at no cost, and see what the DataQ difference means to you.

Kris Chun, engineer at DataQ
Kristopher Chun
John Nguyen, co-founder and technology at DataQ
John Nguyen
Co-Founder & Technology
Brandon Perez, engineer at DataQ
Brandon Perez
Andreas Roell, co-founder and strategy at DataQ
Andreas Roell
Co-Founder & Strategy
Melissa Lopez, co-founder at DataQ
Melissa Lopez
Michael Saul, people at DataQ
Michael Saul
Steve Barington, finance at DataQ
Steve Barrington
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Vanessa Walker
JJ Bannasch, co-founder at DataQ
JJ Bannasch
Joe Ferran, Customer Success
Joe Ferran
Customer Success

How We Infuse Our Values Into Our Platform

Our Mission

DataQ aims to transform the way marketers, agencies, and retailers use their customer data. We want to help them unleash the power of their data.

Our Drive

We are driven to create a platform that is easy-to-use, affordable for small and medium businesses, and enables marketers to better understand and reach customers old and new.

Our Team

We're a collaborative, overachieving bunch that believes in innovation. We work together to solve the unsolvable and create mind-blowing technology.

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