At DataQ, we believe there is a better way to use your customer data. A more insightful, less time-intensive way to harness the power of your first-party data to acquire and retain customers. We're passionate about it, and our mission is to help marketers accomplish this. We focus on data-driven paid media optimization. It's one of the areas in marketing that has the reddest tape around it prohibiting e-Commerce marketers from full access to leverage the data they've worked so hard to collect over the years. DataQ removes the red tape giving everyone the access, tools, and education they need to be more data-driven.

Our Founding

Our Founding

DataQ was founded by a team of digital marketing veterans who have witnessed the cycles and innovations of the paid media industry since 2000. It started with the idea of empowering retailers with access to customer data to help them segment their customers and achieve the right person, right place, the right time (RRR) messaging on Facebook and Google Ads. At heart, DataQ stayed the same but grew to become the smart middleware SaaS that bridges the gaps between online stores and campaigns, helping e-Commerce marketers optimize their paid media, analyze their data, and maintain audiences lists on their top marketing channels.


DataQ is designed as a media-focused marketing middleware for retailers. It's equipped with end-to-end tools that bring value to the best-in-breed apps that retailers use today. Built by a team determined to help the everyday marketer, DataQ continues to add to more integrations and more functionality to help everyday marketers and businesses of all sizes stay competitive. From its inception, DataQ aimed to bring enterprise-level power at a small business cost to retailers, and that's precisely what was accomplished.

The Future

The Future

We will stay true to our founding mission to empower retail marketers with data to help them stay relevant. In the future, we will continue to have symbiotic relationships with best-in-breed e-Commerce apps, simplify audience development through our dashboard recommendations, and build with our customers to ensure that we're always listening, and continually optimizing with them.

Kris Chun, engineer at DataQ
Kristopher Chun
John Nguyen, co-founder and technology at DataQ
John Nguyen
Co-Founder & Technology
Andreas Roell, co-founder and strategy at DataQ
Andreas Roell
Co-Founder & Strategy
Melissa Lopez, co-founder at DataQ
Melissa Lopez
Michael Saul, people at DataQ
Michael Saul
Steve Barington, finance at DataQ
Steve Barrington
Vanessa Walker, marketing manager at DataQ
Vanessa Walker
JJ Bannasch, co-founder at DataQ
JJ Bannasch
Joe Ferran, Customer Success
Joe Ferran
Customer Success

How We Infuse Our Values Into Our Platform

Our Mission

DataQ aims to transform the way marketers, agencies, and retailers use their customer data. We want to help them unleash the power of their data.

Our Drive

We are driven to create a platform that is easy-to-use, affordable for small and medium businesses, and enables marketers to better understand and reach customers old and new.

Our Team

We're a collaborative, overachieving bunch that believes in innovation. We work together to solve the unsolvable and create mind-blowing technology.

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