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Customer data is only as good as the insights you extract from it.

We've set-up all the calculations to bring you a dashboard with actionable best-in-class insights that give you the power to quickly and easily implement strategies tailored to your business needs.

Product Pathway

Ever wish there was an easy way to understand which products lead to the most valuable customer relationships? Our Product Pathway metrics give you the unique ability to visualize customer purchase behavior concerning product journeys. Optimize campaigns to guide customers toward the ideal product path and watch as campaign revenue soars.

proactively market to at-risks customers to improve retention rates

Campaign Metrics

View ad performance from your top channels like Facebook Ads and Google Ads from one place. You'll be able to see conversions, ad spend, and impressions alongside your store's CLV, AOV, purchase frequency, and other meaningful metrics. Our dashboard will help you gain a firm understanding of campaign performance as it relates to your customer segments helping you optimize your strategies.

compare different time periods to see your marketing impact on customer retention

Smart Segment Recommendations

Data-driven customer intelligence is powerful on its own, but our dashboard takes it one step further and makes the intelligence actionable with recommended segments. Responding to your unique customer data, our smart segments provide you with customer groups that are strategically built to maximize your campaign ROI. Additionally, you're always one click away from segment activation.

CLV by Customer Type

While we love all customers, some customers carry more value than others, and having insight into that value (CLV) allows you to identify which are more profitable. With our unique visualizations, you can see Customer Lifetime Value by demographic breakdowns to quickly identify high-value customer types. Having this information will help you strengthen relationships and refine customer acquisition.

E-commerce centric KPIs

No matter the campaign, understanding your KPI’s is a crucial part of measuring past success and planning for the future. Our dashboard displays vital e-commerce metrics and keeps them fresh, so you're always looking at updated stats. With your KPIs on autopilot, you'll have more time to fine-tune your strategy based on measurable results.

Always in Sync

Access insights and recommendations that respond to your ever-changing data with a dashboard that syncs directly to your shopping cart.

Time Period Comparisons

With our pre-built time frames, you can seamlessly compare days, weeks, months, or even years of data with one click.

Segment Insights

Get analytics for your segments. As you create audiences, DataQ calculates things like average order value and purchase frequency on the fly.

Top Performers

Always know which products, coupons, and segments are the most profitable so that you can leverage those top performers in your campaigns.

Tie it all together

DataQ’s customer intelligence dashboard is your answer for outsmarting the competition and maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns. With a click of a button, you can put strategically responsive segments into play.

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