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Customer data is only as good as the insights you extract from it.

We've set-up all the calculations to bring you a dashboard with actionable best-in-class insights that give you the power to quickly and easily implement strategies tailored to your business needs.

connect your online store to your reports to get fresh actionable insights

Reports On Cruise Control

Avoid analysis paralysis and access essential e-commerce KPIs and audience insights. With DataQ, you’ll always have reports and segment recommendations comprised of your latest online store data. So if you’re ready to say good-bye to manual calculations and end-less list pulls, and hello to a streamlined solution, it might be time to start your free trial.

access essential metrics that every retailer should know like lifetime value and purchase frequency

Essential KPIs

No matter the campaign, understanding your KPI’s is a crucial part of measuring past success and planning for the future. Our dashboard displays vital e-commerce metrics and keeps them fresh, so you’re always looking at updated stats. With your KPIs on autopilot, you’ll have more time to fine-tune your strategy based on measurable results.

visualize your customers' behaviors to uncover which subsets are your most profitable

Customer Retention Visualized

It’s no secret that your best customers don’t just buy one product. Your best customers come back again and again, which boosts your lifetime value and revenue. Understand when customers start taking steps towards becoming loyal customers with visualizations that pin-point their behaviors, compare lifetime values and revenue.

 get advanced segment recommendations that are responsive to your customer data

Smart Segment Recommendations

Data-driven customer intelligence is powerful on its own, but our dashboard takes it one step further. Our dashboard makes your customer intelligence actionable with recommended segments that respond to your unique customer data. We equip you with customer groups that are strategically built to maximize your campaign ROI. Additionally, you're always one drag and drop away from segment activation.

compare different time periods to see your marketing impact on customer retention

See your campaign impact

With our pre-built time frames, you can quickly and easily compare days, weeks, months, and years of data with one click. Additionally, you can set custom dates to view how your campaigns impact Customer Lifetime Value and Revenue during a particular season.

Segment Insights

While we love all customers, some customers carry more value than others, and now you’ll have insight into which customer subsets have the most value. As you create audiences, DataQ provides you with segment scores, segment sizes, and essential KPIs so that you always know which segments are worth pursuing. Learn more.

Tie it all together

DataQ’s customer intelligence dashboard is your answer for outsmarting the competition and maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns. With a click of a button, you can put strategically responsive segments into play.

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