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quickly identify powerful segments and activate them in Facebook and Google Ads

Keep your data synced from your online stores to your campaigns.

We've made it simple for you to leverage your segments and synchronize them to Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and your e-mail service provider. In as little as two clicks, you can activate a recommended segment or one of your own creations, and once activated, it will stay updated.

one-click segment templates to target customers with high CLV

Smart Segments

Our powerful analytics engine responds to your unique customer data and provides strategic recommendations. By proactively providing segments that are best suited to your needs, our smart segments offer actionable insights and give you a data-driven solution to drive maximum ROI.

one-click recipes to build Facebook and Google Ads targeting lists

Powerful Custom Segmentation

Best-in-class segmentation happens when you can make complex segments simple to execute. Our easy-to-use segment builder empowers you to create advanced segments with ease, allowing you to maximize campaign impact and implement sophisticated strategies with just a few clicks.

Scale Your Marketing

DataQ keeps your data synced from your online store to your campaigns. Your store's data is ever-changing with new customers, purchases, and abandoned carts. If you're using exported lists to target today, there's a good chance you're targeting your lists, or even lookalikes, using stale data. Even worse, it’s likely resource-intensive to segment the lists you do have and upload them to your marketing channels.

With DataQ, you can utilize as many segments you need, and simply send them to the marketing platforms of your choice. We'll keep all of your segments up to date, increasing your margins and eliminating waste.

Customer Data

Target customers with smart segments. Use purchase history, locale, seasonality, and many others. The possibilities are endless, especially with our tailored data-backed recommendations.

Product Data

Extend customer lifespan when you build upsell campaigns based on past purchase attributes such as product type or SKU.

Transaction Data

Reach your best customers by segmenting based on average order value, purchase frequency, days since last purchase, and more.

Abandoned Cart Data

Our abandoned cart data automatically excludes customers who eventually make a purchase, meaning you won’t spend budget on wasted impressions and clicks.

Data empowered marketing

Don't rely solely on pixels to reach your customers. Leverage the power of your store and transactional data to unlock the highest levels of relevance and reach.

Up-sell first-time purchasers

Boost your average order value and customer lifetime value by up-selling. Create personalized offers for your audience that are based on items they've purchased or researched in the past. Customers are 4x more likely to buy if they see a relevant ad as they shop.

Win back lost customers

Identify your customer's lifespan to get ahead of the churn with ads and e-mails that revitalize their interest. Knowing the time-frame when your customers are most likely to disengage will undoubtedly help you create an integrated plan that's personalized to past customers that need a little TLC.

Re-engage stale customers

Did you know that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company's profitability by 75%? DataQ gives you insight into what causes those customers to go stale and gives you a seamless solution for re-engaging them with the right content.

Engineer the repeat purchase

40% of a store's revenue comes from repeat customers so why not make every customer a repeat customer? Uncover the mystery behind the repeat purchase with our segmentation insights to make sure that you keep your customers engaged.

Boosted Remarketing

DataQ takes the hard parts out of remarketing so that you don't have to research formulas or spend hours creating segments. With the click of a button, you can access segment recommendations and insights that are specific to your business to help you advertise smarter.

Reward your VIP customers

Top retailers know who their VIPs are, and with DataQ, you can too! With the click of a button, you can reach your elite customers to ensure that they never leave you with a stellar offer - like a free product or early access to sales.

One-Click Integrations

Easily connect to applications that you're already using. We've done the heavy lifting so that your engineers don't need to. Check out our connectors below and know that we’re constantly adding more.

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