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Think building the right audience is hard? Think again.

Sure--data is great. But turning data into real-world results is what really matters. Enter DataQ: the app that gives you the power to easily create high impact-segments, as well as data-driven recommendations that tell you exactly how to achieve optimum results.

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Build segments in a matter of seconds

Build segments in a matter of seconds

Segment building has never been easier. Choose from our drop-down fields to create powerful segments with just a few clicks. From broad categories to niche groups, DataQ empowers you to do it all with ease.

DataQ Smart Segments

We incorporated our 20+ years of media experience to build tried-and-true one-click segments that you can use in your next campaign. Unlock your arsenal of Smart Segments to achieve the highest levels of reach and relevance.

Level-Up Your Audiences

Access Ready-made audiences that align with your business objectives. Tap into crucial e-commerce audiences such as Win-Back and 90-Day Post Purchase subsets, but also take it to the next level with advanced audiences centered around your goals and customer behaviors. DataQ will help you build your audience foundation and then some.

Drag and Drop the Perfect Audience

Drag and Drop the Perfect Audience

Drag and drop your way to the perfect audience! Our activation features give you the power to combine and exclude DataQ segments to activate the right audience for hyper-targeting. And here's the best part! Once you activate the audiences in your marketing channels, they'll stay updated round the clock so you'll never have to update lists manually again.

Audiences For All Scenarios

Audiences For All Scenarios

We use your first-party data to analyze your customer behaviors and provide you with data stories and tailored audiences for your key objectives. DataQ not only helps you understand what's happening, but it also tells you why and what to do next with data-backed strategies for immediate implementation. Learn more

Tie it all together

Our powerful segmenting features will help you hyper-target customers and maximize your paid media campaigns.

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