Build and activate advanced segments within seconds.

quickly build and activate custom audiences for real-time targeting

Put your segments on autopilot.

Get out of list-pull hell and sync your campaigns to your online store. It's time to worry less about manually maintaining lists and spend more time on new ideas instead.

quickly identify targetable segments with high CLV

Segment Scores

Just imagine being able to tell which segments have the highest probability of bringing in the most revenue. Our segment score will allow you to do just that! Our scale ranges from 0-10, with 10 being the absolute best score so that you can quickly identify which segments are both actionable and valuable.

one-click segment templates to target customers with high Lifetime Value

Smart Segments

Access custom segment recommendations that are uniquely responsive to your online store's activity. With our constant supply of high-value customer subsets, you'll never be short of needle-moving segments to target. Additionally, you can explore our library of high-performing segment templates to quickly create segments of your own.

create high-value segments to target customers like your best customers

Build advanced segments in seconds

Build, analyze, and activate the segments you’ve always dreamed of. We've made it super easy for you to build complex segments so that you can explore a world of possibilities with just a few clicks. Moreover, we've incorporated automated intelligence about your customers like predicted gender and average order value to help you get granular.

visualize your segments and tap into audience insights

Instant segment insights

Once you identify high-value segments, explore your segment dashboards to fuel the creative juices and launch unique campaigns. Our segment dashboards provide you with e-commerce KPIs, like lifetime value and purchase frequency. In addition to e-commerce KPIs, you'll also gain access to things like gender breakdowns and predicted churn rates.

drag and drop your way to fresh audiences and stop manually updating lists

No More List Maintenance

Drag and drop your way to the perfect audience! Our activation features give you the power to combine and exclude DataQ segments to activate the right audience for hyper-targeting. And here's the best part! Once you activate the audiences in your marketing channels, they'll stay updated round the clock so you'll never have to update lists manually again.

Tie it all together

DataQ's segmenting features will help you build long-term relationships with your customers by transforming the way you engage with them.

boost customer retention with the missing link between your shopping cart and campaigns

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