Data-driven e-mail campaigns perform better.

sync your segments to your ESP to boost AOV with your order data

Gain access to the right e-Commerce and customer data points.

It's super easy. We have built integrations with e-mail service providers to bring DataQ segments into the platforms you use. No need to switch services. The same segments you discover and create in DataQ can be activated in your marketing platforms of choice.

discover segments with high AOV

Auto-Tag Your E-mail Database

Discover high-value segments in DataQ and synchronize those segments to your e-mail service provider. If they’re subscribed, we’ll automatically tag them for you so that you deliver relevant and targeted e-mail marketing messages.

connect your shopping cart to your campaigns and boost AOV

Go Beyond E-mail

Are you solely relying on e-mail marketing? What about those customers who are no longer subscribed to your newsletters, but still love your brand? DataQ allows you to reach those same customers via platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

When you use DataQ, you can understand the true lifetime value of your customers, enabling you to extend beyond e-mail marketing confidently.

Personalized nurturing, it’s what the pros are doing

Woo inactive subscribers

Court inactive users with personalized campaigns. DataQ goes deep into your data well to provide you with the actionable insights you need to pull on emotional strings with emails that show you pay attention to your customers' likes, and preferences.

Discover untapped potential

Our algorithms will surface segments you never thought possible, segments that showcase your customers' buying behaviors, product preferences, and more. These segments will no doubt inspire new drip campaigns.

Create audience specific emails

Build bonds with customers wherever they are with personalized content. DataQ can help you build long-term relationships by making customers feel less like transactions and more like individuals. Through actionable insights and recommendations, you'll always deliver timely, relevant emails.

Weave nurture into all things

With DataQ, you can become your customers' steward and guide them through their journey by dictating when campaigns start, and end. You will have full control of campaign triggers to achieve right time, right place marketing.

Focus on engagement

Turn disruptive, one-off emails into continuous, personalized conversations. Create rules within DataQ that ensure your emails flow logically to maximize every customer interaction - and encourage another interaction.

Know your email impact

See how your emails are impacting your business. Add additional layers - like purchase frequency and time between purchases - to your email metrics to better understand your revenue drivers and align your email goals with your business goals.

E-mail Service Providers we integrate with

target customers with high lifetime value through email
build campaigns to boost AOV through email

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Relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails. (Source: Jupiter Research)

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