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DataQ is a proven solution to take your paid media efforts to the next level. Built by a team of industry experts with 20 + years of media experience, DataQ was built to seamlessly integrate with existing tech stacks and provide immediate value. With DataQ in your corner, you'll have access to best-in-class segments and advanced customer intelligence without ever having to manually update lists, request data dumps, or dedicate hours to building those weekly reports. Use key data points, such as customer lifetime value to have more advanced and more strategic conversations with your clients, and watch as your paid media efforts soar. The proof is in the performance.

Built to Help Agencies Scale.

private client workspaces to scale customer retention and CLV

Private Client Workspaces

Each of your clients gets their own private workspaces with personalized insights, reports, and recommendations. Working on multiple accounts? Easily toggle between workspaces. No more juggling multiple user logins. Invite your team and collaborate. We're campaign headquarters.

grow customer retention and CLV with your first-party data

Maximize Your Tech Stack

Easily connect to the best-in-breed SaaS apps you already use to unify your business-critical apps. With our one-click integrations, you can add value to your current tech stack by centralizing data from the software you already use. You'll cut down the time spent exporting and importing lists, and switching windows, smoothing out processes and getting teams out of silos.

one-click segment templates to target customers with high Lifetime Value

Activate Smart Segments

Our powerful analytics engine responds to your clients' unique customer data and provides strategic recommendations. Not only will you get tailored recommendations per client, but you'll also be able to quickly activate them. You'll never have to ask for updated lists or fumble with excel spreadsheets.

segment to attract and retain customer with high CLV

Build High-Value Segments

Want to up-sell customers who previously purchased from a specific list of items? We can help. Easily create and identify customer segments that are worth pursuing. Our powerful segment builder provides you with all of the right data points to build influential audiences that perform. Learn more.

e-commerce insights and recommendations to help you improve customer retention

Actionable Dashboards

Get personalized insights and prescriptive recommendations for your clients through our dashboards. See valuable metrics such as Customer Lifetime Value and Average Order Value. Uncover product journeys with product pathways that display how your customers shop. Make our dashboards your campaign headquarters. Learn More

Tie it all together

Our easy to use platform helps agencies manage their book of clients without breaking the bank. Take your agency to the next level with a system that gives you the power to orchestrate campaigns like never before.

boost customer retention with the missing link between your shopping cart and campaigns

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