Billed Monthly

Store data up to 1 year or up to 50,000 transactional records



Billed Monthly

Store data up to 3 years or up to 350,000 transactional records



Billed Monthly

Entire lifetime of Store data and up to 1,000,000 transactional records


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Billed Monthly

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Daily Data Sync
Google Drive Exporting
Analysis & Recommendations
Marketing Objectives Dashboard
Customer Demographics
Data Analysis and Recommendations
Monthly Digest and Trending Report
Activated Targeting Groups Limit of 5 Limit of 10 Limit of 20
Smart Activation Syncs 3 Active Syncs 10 Active Syncs Unlimited Unlimited
30+ Customer Targeting Templates
Holiday and Seasonality Targeting
Custom Targeting Builder
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All Plans Come With

Historical Data Ingests

You'll get anonymized access to your customer data since the grand day your store made its online debut.

e-Commerce Metrics Dashboard

Get immediate access to the e-Commerce metrics that matter most to your business and snapshot views of how your data is trending.

Smart Segments

We've leveraged our paid media expertise to provide you with a library of tried-and-true segments that you can use for your campaigns.

Customer Behavior Insights

We walk you through customer purchase behaviors and tie them back to your objectives so that you take well-informed actions.

Marketing Objectives Dashboard

We align your metrics with your business objectives to keep you well-informed on the KPIs that tie back to your goals.

Paid Media Recommendations

We analyze your campaign performance in conjunction with your store performance to provide you with strategic optimization plans.


During your free 14-day trial, you gain access to all of the features within the Business Plan. Simply connect your e-Commerce store and marketing channels to take advantage of all functions during your 2-week trial.

To get started, the set-up process s only a few quick clicks. Once you're set-up, the historical data ingest generally takes a few minutes to half an hour. But this can vary depending on how much historical customer data you have (i.e., if you have data that goes back to 2004, your data ingest could take a bit longer).

Our simple pricing model is structured based on the plan you select (see the pods above for details). Our plans start at $19 per month for the basics package and scale up to $99, depending on what features you need for your business. Charges occur on a month-to-month basis, and you can cancel at any time.

Activating audience lists in ad platforms is just one of the many benefits of DataQ. With DataQ, retailers will gain access to powerful customer insights and best-in-practice metrics for their entire store and key customer groups. If running paid ads isn't part of your plan, The Basics plan may be all you need.

DataQ is for any e-Commerce business that wants to level-up their paid media to build loyalty, attract high-quality customers, and maximize their marketing ROI. DataQ is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, paid media tool that empowers retailers to attract and retain customers with minimal effort. Through our advanced customer intelligence and powerful segmenting capabilities, we provide actionable insights that allow marketers of any level to optimize performance and directly increase their bottom line.

One-Click Integrations

Easily connect to applications that you're already using. We've done the heavy lifting so that your engineers don't need to. Check out our connectors below and know that we’re constantly adding more.

The Proof is in the Data

Results from retailers and agencies that use DataQ.

Boost your

Lift in return on ad spend
Increase in Facebook match rates
Decrease in customer acquisition cost

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