What You Get

Automatic Syncs

DataQ keeps your data synced from your online stores to your marketing channels like Facebook and Google Ads. No more manual exports or manual list loading.

Customer Intelligence

Drive a digitally-connected organization with actionable insights and tailored recommendations via our easy-to-use dashboard.

Unlimited Segments

View segment scores, sizes, and customer lifetime value (CLV) for segments that you’ve always wanted to create.

Unlimited Users

Give the entire team access to our powerful platform and scale-out execution like never before.

Smart Segments

Leverage our data-driven smart segments to easily optimize campaign performance and unlock a world of fresh strategic possibilities.

Product Insights

Fuel your creative with product insights and automated intelligence like predicted gender and average order value (AOV).


How long is the implementation process?

To get started, the set-up process s only a few quick clicks. Once you're set-up, the historical data ingest generally takes a few minutes to half an hour. But this can vary depending on how much historical customer data you have (i.e., if you have data that goes back to 2004, your data ingest could take a bit longer).

What if I don't run paid ads, can my business still benefit from a tool like DataQ?

Activating audience lists in ad platforms is just one of the many benefits of DataQ. With DataQ, retailers will gain access to powerful customer insights and best-in-practice metrics for their entire store and key customer groups. Retailers can also auto-sync to their e-mail platforms daily and maximize campaign ROI by utilizing our data-driven segmenting capabilities.

What is the cost and pay structure for DataQ?

Our simple pricing model is structured around your total number of contacts (see sliding scale above for details). It starts at $99 per month for anyone with more than 5,000 contacts and scales up incrementally as the number of contacts increase. Charges occur on a month-to-month basis, and you can cancel at any time.

How is a contact defined?

A contact is essentially a unique e-mail address. At the end of your billing cycle, DataQ will charge you based on the maximum number of unique e-mail addresses detected from all of your data sources within the period.

How is a workspace defined?

A workspace is our way of organizing your DataQ experience for each of your clients and/or brands. For non-agency DataQ users, one workspace may be all you need. Each workspace is connected to its own shopping cart and marketing channels - isolated from other workspaces - and provides users with toggling capabilities to access different workspaces from one log-in.

How do I know if DataQ is a good fit for my business?

DataQ is for any e-Commerce business that wants to level-up their paid media to build loyalty, attract high-quality customers, and maximize their marketing ROI. DataQ is a cost-effective, easy-to-use paid media tool that empowers retailers to attract and retain customers with minimal effort. Through our advanced customer intelligence and powerful segmenting capabilities, we provide actionable insights that allow marketers of any level to optimize performance and directly increase their bottom line.

One-Click Integrations

Easily connect to applications that you're already using. We've done the heavy lifting so that your engineers don't need to. Check out our connectors below and know that we’re constantly adding more.

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Results from retailers and agencies that use DataQ.

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"We haven't seen our ad managers this excited in years! It has transformed their workflow."
David Stern, CEO and Founder at Boody
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