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Stand out in overly saturated digital spaces with paid-media campaigns that strike at precisely the right time to precisely the right audience. With our powerful segmenting tools and analytics-based recommendations, you can give your brand the marketing boost it needs and maximize campaign results in just a few easy clicks.

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never has it been this easy to act on insights like CLV and AOV

Actionable Customer Intelligence

Access meaningful, actionable insights that are derived from your customer data. Find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about your customers like Average Order Value and time between purchases. Our dashboards will quickly become your campaign headquarters serving as the base for your marketing strategies. Learn More

market to your unique customer subsets with messages tailored to their needs

Activate Smart Segments

Know when, where, and how you should reach your customers. Our Smart Segments give you the insight you need by providing unique segment recommendations that are driven by analytics and geared towards maximizing your campaign ROI. Right-time-right-place marketing has never been easier.

discover high-value segments to improve customer retention

Powerful Custom Segments

Have a specific type of customer in mind who you’d like to target or exclude? Get as granular as you'd like with our intuitive segment building tools. Easily create audiences by filtering from our robust list of data points, and create hyper-personalized campaigns that grow your bottom line.

sync segments in marketing channels to attract and retain customers

Easily Connect to Your Shopping Cart

Powerful results demand accurate data. Get continuous data feeds directly from your data sources to your campaigns. You'll never deal with export requests or spend your marketing budget on stale data again.

e-commerce insights to help you improve customer lifetime value

Sync Segments to Your Marketing Channels

Keep audience groups automatically updated in your marketing platforms. Our syncing feature enables you to quickly activate segments in your marketing channels like Facebook Ads and Google Ads. You'll be delighted with your campaign performance and the hours of manual labor that you'll save.

Tie it all together

Level up your marketing efforts with an easy-to-use tool that delivers superior results. DataQ will empower you and your team to turn customer data into marketing stardom with our powerful segmenting tools and advanced customer intelligence.

connect your shopping cart to your campaigns and boost customer retention rates

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