DataQ has revolutionized paid media by making the use of customer data attainable and easy to implement as a base for all marketing campaigns.

We've empowered e-Commerce Marketers with our audience technology enabling them to keep their custom lists up to date with continuous syncs from their online stores to various ad platforms that include Facebook and Google Ads. And this week, we're happy to announce our latest one-click integration — Klaviyo.

With our latest integration, you can now use any DataQ audience —whether it's a pre-built audience template or a custom-built creation — on Klaviyo to enhance efforts around hyper-targeted emails further. These synced audiences will keep your email lists up to date so that your customers and future customers always receive relevant marketing messages.

Click play on the video below to see it in action.

Find out how to integrate you Klaviyo account with this how-to video.

Having this integration in place will supercharge your Klaviyo customer relationship tool by incorporating DataQ's powerful time-based audiences. Additionally, you'll now have the means to combine and exclude audiences easily to create the perfect targeting list every time.

To take advantage of this symbiotic relationship, sign up for a free 14-day trial at and connect your Klaviyo account today.