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DataQ is for e-Commerce marketing experts and beginners alike. Receive access to our extensive library of pre-built audiences and intelligence features that empower you to dissect your customer data like never before. Take advantage of ongoing syncs between your shopping cart and campaign platforms to execute the most precise way to target existing and prospective customers.

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  • Continuous syncs between shopping cart and campaign platforms.
  • Customer segment builder and 30+ templates (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced).
  • Multi-audience layering for lookalike, retention, win back and exclusion campaigns.
  • Storewide and audience specific intelligence, including demographics.

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DataQ is the tool every e-Commerce marketer needs. Perfectly priced and crazy easy to use, DataQ gives you the performance of a full-blown data intelligence team at just a fraction of the cost.

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Add your Store
Add your Store

Connect your e-Commerce store, and your first-party data will instantly flow into DataQ's powerful platform, making it available for segmentation within minutes.

Access Customer Segments
Access Customer Segments

Leverage our audience library of powerful and innovative audiences to layer and create perfect targeting lists for campaigns.

Activate Your Audiences
Activate Your Audiences

Easily drag-and-drop segments to create audiences you can auto-sync with your marketing channels of choice.

Analyze Performance
Analyze Performance

View your data without the chaos. Access strategic insights that tell you what you need to know about your customers and how to take action.

30+ Customer Targeting Templates

Tap into over 30 pre-built customer audience segments categorized by marketing objective, seasonality, and complexity level. Gain immediate insights into the customer value each subset with our at-glance metrics. Take advantage of our one-click activation to seamlessly push them to your marketing platform of choice.

Customize, enhance or overlay to your liking

Change time-periods, refine specific products purchased, or narrow to certain demographics, such as age. All your customer audience dreams will become a reality.

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Example Audience Templates

High-Value Customers

Customers that have a lifetime value higher than your storefront average.

Promising First Timers

First-time customers with a first-time order value that's higher than your storefront average order value.

Critical Retention Moment

Customers that are within a week of your average second purchase window.

Super Bowl

Customers that purchased within 45 days of last year’s Super Bowl.

One-Click Integrations

Easily connect to applications that you're already using. We've done the heavy lifting so that your engineers don't need to. Check out our connectors below and know that we’re constantly adding more.

New to DataQ

Demographic Data

Gain deeper insights and abilities to segment your customers with our newly added Demographics Intelligence. View storewide and segment data that provide you with valuable insights on age, gender, household income, location, and more to guide your media buying and messaging strategies.

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