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DataQ is an intelligent and easy-to-use tool that maximizes marketing ROI and drives long term customer relationships.

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DataQ is the marketing tool every marketer needs. Our platform provides you with the actionable insights and segment recommendations you need to grow your online store with ease (and without breaking the bank).

Best-in-Class Insights

Are you continually acquiring new customers and struggling to grow and nurture existing ones? Track and monitor the performance of your store and custom segments based on customer behaviors like repeat shoppers and those notorious one-and-done customers. Learn more

Smart Segments

Our Smart Segments take your actual transactional data (not visits) and unify, and organize it into targetable groups. With our readymade segments, you'll have rich targeting lists that are ready for activation on your preferred marketing channels like Facebook and Google. Learn more

Enhanced E-mail Marketing

Retailers love sending e-mails because they work, but what if we told you that you could go beyond your subscribers? Level-up your marketing game and reach untapped pockets within your ESP with integrated campaigns that reach everyone – subscribed and unsubscribed. Learn more

Tailored Recommendations

We've done all the calculations and set up all the right algorithms so that you don't have to. With our actionable dashboards, you'll always have a data-backed plan for your next marketing campaign. Learn more

The proof is in the data

Results from retailers and agencies that use DataQ.

Boost your

Return on Ad Spend
Increase in Repeat Purchases
"We haven't seen our ad managers this excited in years! It has transformed their workflow."
David Stern, CEO and Founder at Boody
Decrease in cart abandonment

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Easily connect to your online store
Easily connect to your online store
Easily connect to your online store
Access e-commerce insights
Access e-commerce insights
Access e-commerce insights
Create customer segments
Create customer segments
Leverage smart segments
Activate in your ads and email
Activate in your ads and email
Activate in your ads and email

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