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DataQ is an easy-to-use tool that gives you the power to better understand your customers and create paid-media campaigns that maximize ROI.

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DataQ is the tool every e-Commerce marketer needs. Cost-effective and easy to add to your existing tech stack, DataQ provides an immediate way to optimize campaign efficiency and boost real-world results.

Powered by Fresh Data

Your customer data fuels DataQ! After a quick and easy one-time setup, DataQ continually ingests your store data providing you with anonymized access to your data-sets so that you can create segments, track essential KPI’s, and sync custom audiences all with the confidence that you’re utilizing consistently fresh data. Learn more

Advanced Segmentation

Level-up your segmentation! Use our templates to get inspired or build from scratch with our custom segment builder. With DataQ not only will you have ready-made segments but you also get a better understanding of your customers with segment scores and predictive metrics centered around customer lifetime value (CLV). Learn more

Activate Custom Audiences

Drag and drop your way to activating the perfect custom audience! With our activation features and continuous syncs, you can easily combine and exclude high-value segments to target the perfect audience on top marketing channels. Learn more

Best-In-Class Insights

Access your most essential e-Commerce KPIs and audience insights. We’ve done all the calculations and setup all the right algorithms to provide you with actionable dashboards that not only display your data story but also provide tailored recommendations that seamlessly translate to optimized campaigns. Learn more

The proof is in the data

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Boost your

Return on Ad Spend
Increase in Repeat Purchases
"We haven't seen our ad managers this excited in years! It has transformed their workflow."
David Stern, CEO and Founder at Boody
Decrease in cart abandonment

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Easily connect to your online store
Easily connect to your online store
Easily connect to your online store
Access e-commerce insights
Access e-commerce insights
Leverage smart segments
Create customer segments
Create customer segments
Activate segments in your campaigns
Activate in your ads and email
Activate in your ads and email
Access e-Commerce insights

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